Friday, February 17, 2012

Ground Hog Day Parade

It was time for our Annual Ground Hod Day Parade.
It is a good time for people in our community to get out their tractors, build a fun float and eat good food.
My goal was to pull a float with my kids with the old Powerking Tractor.
I didn't have the hood finished yet but I got everything else working just in time to get it in the parade.

I didn't get the rear wheels sanded and painted yet.  I have been more concerned with getting it back into shape to push snow, dirt, and rock.  I am getting ready to need it this spring doing some construction. 

My son didn't really drive in the parade, he is just posing for the picture.
Some of the guys really do their tractors up right for the ground hog festivities.

I can't wait to get the dents out of the hood.  Once it is painted and supports the new factory decals, it is going to look awesome!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just when I thought I was done

I can't beleive that I am saying this but just as I am so close to being finished with this project I am getting ready to take it all back apart.  In the picture below you can see the spline shaft and the spline coupling.  This picture is after I had taken it apart and before I went in to bed that night. I took a picture so that I could remember how it all had been.  I didn't want to forget so I simply laid the coupling in place but did not put it on in the position that it was orgionaly.  It was very difficult to take off and I did not want to have to heat it up and knock it off again. 
When I put the tractor back together I put installed the coupling to a small line on the spline shaft where it looked like it was before.  But when I was assembling the transmission to the rear end I almost had it completely mated together before it engaged into the spline fit. 

As I think about it I think it would be best to check to see how long of an engagement it has before I start using this tractor as a bulldozer pounding the dirt and snow.  I don't want the spline in the rear end or the coupling to strip off.  I hope to do it all in one day before it snows on me.